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4 Months
4 Marathons

It's not just a run, Its an experience!

 The Monsoon Marathon Challenge , is a unique one. It's not just a run , its a gathering of a horde of people of different backgrounds, ages, jobs, with one calling , that is Running. The locations are exotic , green , and completely drenched with greenery and nature ! Arriving at the location for the bib collection , and the party/campfire the day before , making new friends, connecting with old one is something we love the most.  


The Weather

There is absolutely no predicting the weather.It can pour cats an dogs at any minute , and clear up in a second as well.


Runners Unite!

Gathering of runners: It is crazy to see runners come together , run together , enjoy together !


Pre-event day party

The day before our run , we have a gala party, music , dance , where runners , sing , dance , and enjoy ! 


Breakfast at finish and fantastic route support

Awesome pre and post event fun ! Route support always up to the mark , even through these locations are a logistical nightmare !

Monsoon Marathon in Western Ghats



Milimeters of rain in monsoon in westernghats


4  Dream Destinations

Exotic locations, Western Ghats


8 Days

Days of running as child in rain

Ready for
Challenge ?

Monsoon weekends are not to be spent at home ,get out and conquer the challenge !

Prabalgad Foothills Marathon
23rd June 2019

The Beautiful Scenic Route at the Foothills of Prabalgad near Panvel, New-Mumbai.
Distance - 21, 15, 10 & 5 Kms

Matheran Endurathon
7th July 2019

One of the Best Experiences we have ever had with the Monsoon Marathon Challenge
Distance - 60, 50, 25, 10 & 5 Kms

Stone Ridge Valley Marathon
4th August 2019

The Route is Traditional Parikrima of Bramhagiri Mountain behind Trimabakeshwar Temple near Nashik.
Distance - 42, 21, 15, 10 & 5 Kms. 

Durshet Forest Marathon
15th Sept 2019

The run admits the breathtaking forest surroundings comes with the challenges that the rough terrain possess, the rain soothes, yet makes the track difficulty go up in multiple folds, the passages through the village that takes you back in time , leads you into stunning grasslands, this is a marathon to relish.
Distance - 32, 21, 10 & 5 Kms

We are back !

Monsoon weekends are not to be spent at home ,get out and conquer the challenge !




All Four Monsoon Marathons are conducted in the state of Maharashtra, India.


Phone: +91-9595202219